Come Try

Name Description Date Location Details
Junior Parent & household Come Try Juniors can take household members out in doubles to try rowing 2021-06-26 VRS boathouse
Junior Parent & household Come Try Juniors can bring their parents and or siblings out to try rowing with them. 2021-06-27 VRS boathouse - Elk Lake
COME TRY - Coastal Rowing's BEACH SPRINTS Have you heard of the potential new event for the 2028 Olympics in LA? Coastal Rowing's BEACH SPRINTS is alive and just getting started in the Victoria area. Here is your opportunity to try this fun event. Start with a short dash down the beach to hop into your rowing shell (either a single or a double). Then racing side by side around an obstacle course followed by a quick dash to the finish line. That will certainly get your competitive juices flowing. While this is on the calmer waters of Eagle Beach (S.E. corner of Elk Lake) to begin with, if you're keen it could lead to further sessions in the open waters around Vancouver Island soon enough. Come Try Beach Sprints on Elk Lake 2021-06-27 Eagle Beach, S.E. corner of Elk Lake
Reynolds High School Come Try Come Try event for local highschool 2021-06-22 VRS Boathouse